#Askthealmighty- 03

#Askthealmighty is not a puzzle. It is a 6-satnza poem excerpt from the epilogue of a solo drama titled Ask the Almighty, which has been provided as a scroll text on the Instagram @tayoisijola. It is this "scroll text" that seeks performing arts interpretation through specified categories of Music, Solo acting, Animation and Audiovisual, to resonate a measure of consciousness in the viewer audience, in an online creative art challenge.


This is not like the regular Challenge for some give-away or give-back-to-society endeavour to keep fun seekers in touch with celebrities/brands, which populates the social media in the current globally challenging times. It is a call to consciousness; of creative artistes, and of the viewer audience, amid social anomalies. The Challenge consists in the participation of entrants and the assessors. As entrants create and submit artistic presentations in video for a maximum duration of THREE minutes, the viewer-audience will assess the entries by making useful appraisal through likes and comments. These appraisals shall serve a selection committee to select TWENTY apt entries from the volume of submissions.


Then, the viewer audience will vote to determine the selection of top TEN entrants as winners of the challenge prizes, and their entries will be subjected to the adjudication of a panel of honorable Judges to ascertain the scores and positions ahead of the onward presentation of prizes. Simple as this procedure may appear, the invaluable place of the viewer-audience in the challenge cannot be overemphasized.


Entrants should note that the scroll script is a textual guide that seeks enlivening through performances. This may come with considerable creative modifications and the use of artistic nuance that would serve the performance, without necessarily altering the plot and theme of the scroll script. The creative use of short refrains, fillers, or adlibs that are consistent with the performance mode are possible instances in this regard.


Further, while entrants are at the liberty to make videos with smart phones and devices, creativity should extend to the use of fairly audible and visible recording for submissions.


* No entry fee. Follow @tayoisijola on Instagram, and save the scroll text - #askthealmighty.


* Make a video of your creative interpretation of the Scroll text- #askthealmighty, as available @tayoisijola, for any of the prescribed categories.


* Between Sat. 8th Aug. through Sat.  22nd Aug., submit your entry by uploading the video on Instagram with #askthealmighty, and tag @tayoisijola.


* The Admin will re-post your video entry, so long as it obeys the CHALLENGE rules, for viewers to like, and to make appraisal comments.


* Once your entry is re-posted, encourage your fans to follow @tayoisijola, and to join in the appraisal of posted entries.


* From Sat 25th Aug. through Sat 5th Sept. the viewer audience will be guided for online voting process.


        First, a screening committee shall select TWENTY worthy entries, and this will be based on useful appraisals made by viewer audience, and the aptness of the entry.


Next, the entries selected by screening shall be published on the Challenge’s website- www.ccac.com.ng for the viewer audience to VOTE for the TOP 10 entrants, who will be winners of the cash and consolation prizes.


* An honourable panel of Judges will adjudicate and score the TOP 10 entrants for onward presentation of prizes according to their positions.



Saturday August 8th -                Submission of Entry Opens

Saturday August 22nd -             Submission of Entry Closes

Saturday August 8th – 23rd       Viewer Audience can Access and                                                      Assess Entry submissions

Saturday August 24th  -             Entries selected by screening are                                                       posted

Saturday August 25th -             Process of Voting by Viewer                                                               Audience commences

Saturday September 5th -         Voting by Viewer Audience Closes

Saturday September 12th -       Publish Scores, Positions and                                                             Presentation of Prizes   


Get Ready! Get Conscious! Get Creative!


Kindly drop your comment(s), if any.


This series is to be continued.


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