#Askthealmighty- 01

Every genuine creative artiste is motivated, first, by a flash that glows and ignites the imagination. This drives consciousness in the artiste, pressures available field of exposure, and allows for possible expressions in the creative arts. Further, the measure of consciousness in the artiste creates what may enable an endearment of the viewer-audience to the art. Ultimately, success is deemed when the artiste is able to stimulate a viewer-audience consciousness. All such creative arts works that were considered as evergreen remain evidences of how artistic consciousness has served to preserve the artiste’s legacies. In essence, this factor of consciousness can preserve a creative art work to outlast, and immortalize the curator. Conversely, the reverse is rife in the present age. There is an upsurge of emergent creative artistes and unparalleled technological possibilities are available to them, but a volume of present day creative works have become characterized by rather diminished shelf-life. Many creative works in this regard would only serve in a jiffy and be gone in a hurry.

In this contemporary age, the social media is agog with a cluster of creative arts contents. Most of these, which gained huge traction at emergence, fail in resonating considerable measure of conciseness afterwards. In spite of the deficit in the age, the appetites of the viewer-audience on social media have continued to swell, as they apparently long for more conscious and creative arts. In effect, #Askthealmighty is an effort in the direction of upholding the true yearnings of social media viewer-audience for a conscious-natured creative art work. Indeed, this provides opportunity for emergent genuine Nigerian creative artistes to attempt the interpretation of the scroll, #Askthealmighty, in a challenge condition. The challenge will require the interpretation of the scroll in short video for Intsagram in any of creative arts categories of Music, Solo Acting, Animation and Audio-visual. It is anticipated that each art work entry will stimulate a unique level of consciousness in the viewer-audience, who in turn will constitute a voting fan base that will determine the TEN most conscious-natured creative arts videos of the script, whose curators will win all available prizes.


Get ready!

Kindly drop your comment(s), and direct specific inquiries to tayoisijola@gmail.com


This series is to be continued.

Please check in for updates.     


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