#Askthealmighty- 02

Artistic creativity is not the preserve of trained and professional artistes only. It is also demonstrated in the instinct of everyone who takes interest in appreciating, appraising, criticizing, or responding to the performing arts. It is an instinct that ensues when there human imagination distills life’s undulating experiences for adaptation and survival. Hence artistic creativity is a survival instinct. This thinking therefore premises the fluidity of human identity. As every man is perceived to put up varying identities at instances of fright and fight, surplus and shortage, and other up-and-down varied situations - It is the artistic creative instinct that enables adaptation for survival through the swift navigating between “real-real” and “fictional-real” identities. Indeed, there is an artiste in every one. 

This artistic creative instinct provides impetus for performing artiste in much the same way as it enables the viewer-audience to receive the performance communication smoothly - an experience that is most rewarding to the performing arts. Remarkably, this instinct is responsible for the viewer-audience spontaneous outburst of ovation, applause, participation and laughter, to show pleasure, and conversely, with giggles, tantrums, silence, french leaves and the likes they register distaste during live performances. These impulsive responses are not much reckoned with recipients of recorded performances. Viewer-audience of recorded performances, particularly online contents, will usually register satisfaction through likes, making useful comments, subscribing and followership. This gives a place of pride to viewer-audience of performing arts as no mean contributors to the experience and development of creative arts in the society. Hence, performing artistes are impelled to engage in research, training, and rehearsals to prepare and keep their performance presentations near perfection for smooth communication and viewer-audience delectation. 

Here, #Askthealmighty provides an opportunity for a wide range of viewer-audience to sit as “king”, like the esteemed costumer in the business mantra, to determine the fate of Entrants. It is an online  challenge for performing and media arts video presentation in the interpretation of a 6-stanza poem titled “Ask the Almighty”, which has been captured in a scroll @tayoisijola for a maximum of 3 minutes, through any of the categories of Music, Solo Acting, Animation and Audiovisual. Entry shall be open for 14 days (August 8-22, 2020), and all qualified entries shall be published on Instagram for viewer-audience to exercise creative instincts by 'liking' and making useful comments. These entries shall be posted for online voting by viewer-audience. The top TEN entries shall win the cash and consolation prizes upon the adjudication of Judges, who shall provide the scores and positions of the selected entries. 

Get ready! Get Conscious! Get Creative!


Kindly drop your comment(s), if any.


This series is to be continued.

Please check in for updates.     


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